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Top Notch service - The Pavement Group

Top Notch Service

We pay extra attention to the quality of materials we use at The Pavement Group. With a proficient team of professionals by our side, we employ thoroughly revised SOPs and organized working structures to give you outstanding, safe, and visually-appealing parking lots and roads at the lowest cost possible!

Years of experience - The Pavement Group

Years of Experience

From multi-million dollar paving and construction projects to simple resurfacing services, we have done it all! We have under our belt decades of paving, sealcoating, and line striping services which have resulted in one thing; exceptional results for our valued customers! Let us simplify the complicated process for you today!

Total Transparency - The Pavement Group

Total Transparency

We don’t beat around the bush here at The Pavement Group. We are honest, committed, and deliver what we promise! Our dedicated team of construction experts makes each process smooth and easy-to-understand. Thanks to our action-oriented approach and effective communication with clients, positive results are generated in no time!

80% of our new customers have existing ADA Violations and Safety issues that they were never informed of.

20 years of experience - The Pavement Group
We have over 20 years of experience fixing pavement.
Large scale projects - The Pavement Group
We have worked over 500+ large scale projects.
National Paving Contractor - The Pavement Group
We are a premier national paving contractor!

Getting Started is Simple!

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1) Sign up for a Free Quote

Our staff will evaluate your site to give you an instant estimate.

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2) Approve the Contracts

Once you agree on the terms, our team of experts will be deployed and we will start working right away.
Watching your work - The Pavement Group

3) Watch the Work

Sit back and watch how you get your pavement surfaces reconstructed, repaired or just simply back to new again.

Our Clients Love What we do & so will you!

Testimonial - The Pavement Group

Kyle - Director of Facilities

Managing a large portfolio can be extremely challenging. The Pavement Group makes it easy. Imagine being able to see all of your parking lots from your computer. These folks make it happen! The technology they provide has enabled our company to make better maintenance decisions. This has allowed us to control our spend, make better repair vs replace decisions, and start a preventive maintenance program for our stores. I highly recommend giving this team a shot at your parking lot maintenance.
Testimonial 1 - The Pavement Group

Chris - Regional Facilities Manager

Nice looking project, more importantly it has been holding up great! I am so glad that we were able to partner on this location. This truck stop would have been a big job anyway, but then you throw in there that we never closed the store or Hardee’s at the location and it is crazy to think we pulled it off on and stayed on schedule too! Great job from your team!


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How will you ensure proper Communication throughout the project?

From the minute you choose our company to the moment we complete your project you have access to every detail of what is happening on your project thru our online project management portal. We don’t just check every box. We want you to be able to verify that we’re checking every box. This creates the collaborative experience between our team and our clients that makes every project easier for everyone.

Will you provide the details of exactly what your company will be doing on our property?

Our proposals and site assessments provide you with the highest level of detail. We believe in providing you with as much information as we can to ensure that our team is able to exceed the expectations that our clients and their customers and/or residents expect from us. Our advanced technology allows us to deliver this information to you quickly in an easy to understand format that is accessible to you anytime you need it.

What is the process you follow for managing my project to make sure it’s completed on time?

You will be assigned a specific project team as soon as you choose us for your project and you will have full contact information of every member of that team. You will be able to track the detailed step by step process that we follow from permitting and scheduling to how we are phasing your project to be completed in our online project management portal. We make sure you are never without answers to your questions.

What if there is an issue with the job?

We provide you the personal phone numbers and email addresses for anyone and everyone in our company all the way up to the owners and CEO just in case you need them. We stand behind everything we do and if there is ever a problem or concern on a project we run toward the problem not away from it. We are committed to making sure that we exceed the expectations of every customer!

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